Books Released by Julie A. Wack

The Truth About Love

By Julie A. Wack — As long as she could remember, Gertrude Kueshner had never wanted anything but to create beautiful hats that would one day be worn by the high society ladies of New York Coty. She endured the teasing of her four brothers and the lectures of her disapproving father, an immigrant who published a small socialist newspaper and thought little of the rich and fashinable society people of the big, bustling city. That was until she had the misfortune to meet a handsome, cynical detective. Alexander Marshall was the most exasperating man she had ever met and Gertrude wanted nothing more to do with him despite the strange fluttering sensations she felt when he was near. But then two murders occur near Gertrude’s father’s printshop, and she finds herself once again in the company of the determined detective. When the happiness of Gertrude’s large, loving famly is threatened, Gertrude makes up her mind to find whoever was responsible for the murders, if it means risking her own life as well as her heart.