Now before any writer reads this and get upset with me, I am the only writer I know well enough to make that statement about. I finished my last edit on my next book, which is part of what I call my “With” series. At least until someone better at marketing than I am says that’s not very exciting. (The first book is called With Tenderness Always so it kind of fits.) Then I had to send the manuscript to a professional editor. I felt sad and let down at that moment because while I was writing about the characters they were real and present in the room with me. I felt as if I was being forced out of a world I lived in every time I opened the document file and then the book file and started to type.

    And the truth be known there were times when I enjoyed being in that world more than my “real” world. After all, cooking meals and washing clothes is only so much fun even if you’re doing it for people you love. It will be awhile before it’s up on Amazon and available to buy but as it is with all writers ( if another writer reads this, they can disagree with me if they so choose) you want your characters to come alive for everyone that reads the book. Just as Meg, Jo, Amy, and Beth were as real as the kids I went to school with when I shut my bedroom door and spent hours reading Little Women.

    It will be awhile before I get the hang of all this linking stuff and such. So probably no one will read this for a while, but when people start to read my books and come to my website ( I hope) I wanted to tell you that I will always post from my heart and will welcome questions and comments and even a few jokes at my expense because I like to laugh and to make people laugh, at least on here. ( I hope maybe some readers shed a few tears once in a while as I did when Beth died in Little Women – much to my mother’s annoyance ).

   I guess you could call this my second ‘getting to know me’ blog. And just a couple more things: I love history and will be posting about the period I write in ( post Civil War through WWI ) and as I make the journey through the series of four books I’ll probably learn things as I research for each book and I will probably be unable to resist sharing about those things. And please forgive me if this post isn’t formatted just right as I’m learning this stuff as I go and these posts aren’t edited so my commas may be in the wrong place.

   So I hope many of you will read my books and like the people who live in them because that is what really matters to any writer and why they do all this other stuff like marketing and typing on the computer (I actually write my first draft out in long hand). I hope some day to open up this website and have conversations with everyone who comes to visit me and my books on this website. Take Care and Keep Reading.