So I can get to know you

Every person who ever put pen to paper (that’s just to tell you how old I am) will tell you when they were young they loved to read. I am not about to break that time honored tradition. But I will add my personal story to illustrate how much I read. My dad would yell at me every time I came to eat Sunday supper: “We never see you! You disappear into your room Friday after school and you don’t come out until Sunday dinner!” Now obviously he exaggerated; but not by much.

I am going to give you my reasons for choosing this period to write in and I hope you will bear with me if I’m a little long winded. What I would like and hope you would enjoy is to have a conversation about this time in history between myself and any one who wants to chime in with their knowledge and opinions. I will post more in depth pieces on the topics I touch on today once every two weeks..

So what do I write and why did I choose to write these particular kinds of stories. I love history and of all the history I’ve read and learned about I am particularly interested in American history after the Civil War through the second half of the 19th century up to World War I. After the Civil War industrialization grew rapidly in America creating societal changes and problems which still echo in our country today. America’s purely agrarian society was being transformed into an urban society.. Railroads grew ever more important as we moved toward the end of the 19th century. The country grew wealthier but much of that wealth was in the hands of men like the robber barons and inequality became an issue.

Immigration was bringing new people with new customs and new ideas which weren’t always welcome. Workers started wanting higher wages; women began the long journey toward equality; growing social problems grew gave birth to a movement started dedicated to trying to address these issues of social justice. Medical practices remained crude but were about to undergo a profound change. Many inventions that were part of our lives in the twentieth century came into being during this period.  Now I hope you don’t think I’m writing dry stories just about history because I’m not. I found this period to be rich soil for growing a book; when much remained of the late 18th Century and much was changing and foreshadowing the 20th Century.

But people have fundamental needs and desires no matter what century they live in. They have ambitions and dreams; they fall in love and desire each other; they commit cruel acts and sometimes murder out of anger or sometimes even out of love. My stories are about all of that: about people struggling to find love and fulfillment.

If you read my books when they come out and enjoy them that would be wonderful. My goal is to tell a story that touches your heart and stimulates your interest in a part of America’s vast history. Even if you don’t read my books you can check in and contribute just for fun. Hope we have some great conversations.

~ Julie Anne Wack